Personal Shopper Service


Our personal shopper service is a tailor-made service for you to request special purchase and delivery of any of your choice items or products for yourself or for your family.

The idea is to serve our customers who want specific items that are out of stock or bulk shoppers who annually shop abroad for their families but could not travel for whatever reasons. With this service we will be your eyes on the ground to help you shop your list of items and deliver to your doorstep.

This service is currently available for Shopping from Dubai for any of your favourite international brands and we will be expanding the service to other cities subsequently.

To avail this service, all you need to do is to fill the request form below, list your order and one of our team member will contact you to go over the order and get additional information from you to help us deliver and meet your expectation. Our teamwork with you by sending pictures instore and carry you along into the stores to participate in the shopping experience.

We are positioned to connect you to whatever it is you want to get done in Dubai, whether you are here physically or absent, it doesn’t matter.

We support you by acting as your leg and eye to search for that information you desperately need and those items you desire to get without stepping out the shores of your country.

As a service that’s based on trust, once we earn your Trust, we do everything humanly possible to protect and preserve that Trust  by being transparent and open with you as we work together with you to get what you need. And whatever we can’t do we simply advise you on other possible options.